Local Rules

1. The event is conducted according to JHF2015 Paragliding Japan League Rules and the local rules described here under.
2. Take Off is conducted under launch order system.
2-1. Launch order priority on first Task will be determined as follows:
Those who placed down to 30 places in 2014 Japan league Final ranking will have the priority number as the final ranking. Oversea pilots will have the priority number according to their WPRS ranking as of 1st SEP.
Those who don’t have 2014 J League Ranking better than 30 or have no such ranking,the priority number will be allocated according to the official entry (web entry plus entry fee payment) order (first come first served base).
2-2. Launch order of next day will be the provisional competition ranking of the previous day.
3. Reflight will be decided day to day base and announced at briefing at Take Off. The transportation will be conducted from Main Landing to Ropeway base station.
4. Protest must be handed to Competition Director within 30 minutes (on last day 10 minutes) after Provisional Result with the fee of 5,000 yen.
5. Flight rules
5-1. Turn direction in front of Take Off is Left on odd numbered day and Right on even numbered day.
5-2. Pilots must maintain height difference of 100m over Running Ropeways and High tension Power Lines.
5-3. Pilots must not land in horse track (shown in site map).
5-4. Pilots must not enter Flight Prohibited zone (shown in sit map).
6. Penalty
6-1. Turn direction: Fist offence warning. If not correct, disqualification for the task.
6-2. Cloud flying: Disqualification for the task.
6-3. No Landing Report (without acceptable reason): Disqualification for the task.
6-4. No Report Back to HQ (without acceptable reason): Disqualification for the task.
6-5. Severe Violation of the rules: Disqualification for the task.
6-6. Un-sportsman like behavior: Disqualification from the event.
7. Landing
7-1. Landing Report must be done either by telephone to HQ(090-6219-6994) or by Email to hamada.rikkey@gmail.com
7-2. If a pilot damaged crops, trees, house etc. upon landing, he must apologize to the person(s) concerned and settle the case and repot back the result to HQ.
7-3. Tree landing will be retrieved by himself (Organizer will assist the retrieval).
7-4 Retrieve of pilots landed out will be conducted along the pre-determined routes (marked on the site map). So pilots are asked to walk to the route and wait for the retrieve car.
8. Transportation to Take Off: There will be shuttle bus service between the main landing and the Ropeway base station. Pilots are asked to pay the Ropeway fee by themselves (the fee is not included in the entry fee).